About the Kids

The childhood part of ones life is very short and goes by very swiftly.

Child Custody

Every child has a right to have a relationship with its mother and father, and sometimes others too.  Often child custody issues are very difficult because of family dynamics, geography, and many other factors.  Pennsylvania has a new child custody statute, effective January 2011; so, it is important to be sure a child custody case is resolved in alignment with the requirements of the new statute.

Child Relocation

If  you are considering relocating your child / children away from the other parent to a different address, thing again!  Or if the other parent is considering relocating  your child / children to another address, or has already done so, please call an attorney right away.  Even if there is no official court custody order, relocating a child / children away from the other parent is a very serious act and the Pennsylvania child custody statute addresses what needs to occur.  Naturally in the face of danger or abuse, things are looked at very differently.  If there is immediate, or the treat of immediate danger, call 911.  Your safety and the safety of your child / children always comes first.  Child relocation is certainly a possibility in today’s world.  Sometimes one parent has an opporunity for something better somewhere else, like a great job, the chance to have a new relationship, obtain medical care for a child, or they might need to be where they can care for their parents.  It is important to consult an attorney so that you can make sure you have addressed all the legal and emotional issues in any type of child / children relocation matter.

Child Support

Financial support of a child is the right of the child in Pennsylvania.