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Child Custody

child custody

In Pennsylvania, each parent has a right to custody of their child/ren; however, each child custody matter is unique depending on the circumstances in the case. There are two types of child custody: (1) physical custody and (2) legal custody. Physical custody involves who has the child/ren in their physical custody at any specific time; whereas, legal custody is who has the right to make major decisions for the child/ren regarding health care, education and religion. Some parents may do very well without a custody order from the court, but it is important to assess the benefits and risks of having or not having a court order. Also, consider who is available to care for a child because it is not always one or both of the parents – it might
be a grandparent or other relative. One parent may live hundreds of miles away, be in the military service stationed in another country, or even in prison. Often a dispute arises and court intervention may be needed.

Here at the Law Offices of Mark-Allen Taylor, LLC, I will be happy to provide you with a confidential analysis of your custody and visitation issues and advise you on a plan of action to hopefully resolve the matter. Some things to consider in facing custody matters are:

  1. With which parent does the child live, most of time or all of the time;
  2. The age of each child
  3. Which parent has the best resources to care for and nurture a child;
  4. Does a child have special needs;
  5. Is there a history of domestic violence or drug abuse; or
  6. Can the parents negotiate a custody agreement.

Each custody matter, whether it involves your biological child, stepchild, adopted child or grandchild, is unique and I am available to counsel you in navigating the legal landscape of child custody law in Pennsylvania, where the legal standard is the best interest of the child. During this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, law office consultations and other meetings, as well as most court hearings, are being scheduled using telephone or video conferencing. Please contact my Philadelphia family law firm by clicking here.